Dunhuang & Central Asia

“Dunhuang studies” (Dunhuang xue 敦煌學) represent one of the most important research fields of the East Asian Civilisations Research Centre since it was established in 1973. In the same year a team directed by Michel Soymié was formed, under the initiative of Paul Demiéville, for the scientific cataloguing and study of the Dunhuang manuscripts and paintings brought to France by Paul Pelliot at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time this Unit of the National Center for Scientific Research was named “Dunhuang manuscripts and related documents” (Etudes des manuscrits de Dunhuang et matériaux connexes). This field of research still represents a major part of the team’s activities. The present academic blog is conceived as an international platform focusing on developments within the research programs carried out by the research group on Dunhuang and Central Asia of the CRCAO. It also posts announcements concerning publications and scientific events organized in collaboration with the Dunhuang Academy 敦煌研究院 (China), as well as information on the Centre’s unique book collection on Dunhuang studies, which continues to grow every year.

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