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Visiting scholars 2013

Professor YANG Xiuqing 楊秀清

Dunhuang Academy  敦煌研究院


Lecture topics:

Chinese Moral Precepts in Dunhuang Documents from the Seventh to the Tenth Century – Paris, École française d’Extrême-Orient , may 17th 2013.

– Daily Life in Dunhuang According to Dunhuang Documents and Mural Paintings – Paris, Collège de France, may 27th 2013.


Professor LIU Yongzeng 劉永增

Dunhuang Academy  敦煌研究院


Lecture topics:

Mogao’s Paintings and Sculptures at the Time of the Northern Dynasties (Fifth-Sixth c.) – Paris, École française d’Extrême-Orient , may 17th 2013.

The Mandalas of the Eight Bodhisattvas  in Dunhuang Caves – Paris, Collège de France, may 27th 2013.

Koza Tonko 27 mai

Koza Tonko 17 mai